Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How To Do "Punch List" Home Buying Inspection

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A "punch list" is the list of mistakes that you find after the house is supposed to be "turn key" finished (ready to move in)--a list of things that make you want to punch the contractor.

Do it. Do it right.

  • Do not rush.
  • Do not be too "nice" (a pushover).
  • Do not rely on anyone's "preferred" inspectors: House problems mean a lower price which means a lower commission for your realtor, so some people consider "preferred" inspectors to be a list of whom NOT to pick from the Yellow Pages.
  • Do not trust your "professional" inspector completely: Check all structural items and at least spot check other "already inspected" items.
  • Bring a 3-prong outlet tester, nightlight, and light bulb to check every socket.
  • Move furniture/equipment (carefully), or have it moved, to leave no spot unchecked (people like to hide damage).
  • Ask questions.
  • Treat anything that cannot be answered as broken.
  • Treat anything that cannot be checked as broken.
  • Treat anything "to be done later" as "broken" (unavailable).
  • Realize that previously OK items can be broken while installing/fixing other things.
  • Pick everyone's brain for both initial and regular maintenance tips.
  • You only look stupid if you fork over several hundred thousand dollars on blind faith.






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