Friday, August 10, 2007

24-Hour Delay in Posts: Testing

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Atom feed picked up my last blog post quickly but it took a day to appear on so I am testing the time lag with this post.

Update: This post appeared on Atom feed within minutes and on within an hour.

The fastest lag that I have noticed is about an hour delay but there are periods where performance degrades to a day later, which impairs the "news" value of the aggregator as almost no one will see the article when it posts to a buried position.

To my feed subscribers, do you notice any significant delay to your feed subscription?


EMF (Engineer) said...

I've just joined pfblogs, and haven't noticed a significant delay. That is, if it isn't "down for maintenance", which has often been the case for the last week or so.

BTW, I have added a graph on my blog in response to the comment you left. Let's see how/if Blogger formats this link.
Well, surprise, it didn't. There's always cut-and-paste.

J at IHB and HFF said...

EMF, thank you for the PFblogs information (you have had better luck than I have) and I will check your graph.