Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Avoid Debt “Anti-Scam” Scams

Everyone Wants To Believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Free Lunch

People who get themselves into debt problems often do so by wanting to see the best and ignoring red flags so they can sign on the dotted line and get instant stuff. When considering a contract or loan, there is a temptation to ask the right questions but accept dodgy answers that do not add up, so you rationalize that you “did your part” and any later problem will not be your fault. That is a self-deception because you are the one who will be left holding the bag.

Debt Relief: Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

People who get themselves in debt trouble are unfortunately likely to repeat the same mistake for the same reason by desperately wanting to believe that some debt-relief expert can provide a painless way out of a debt problem. Some companies charge up-front fees but offer no success guarantee. Some companies offer to take care of everything (sending the mortgage payments, negotiating with banks) but—as you discover too late—did not do so.

You are ultimately responsible and you suffer the consequences so the sooner that you accept responsibility and stop wishing for the too-good-to-be-true short-cut, the sooner you can establish a solid financial foundation.

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