Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Freezing Credit To Stop Identity Theft: Good or Bad for Savers?

A chastity belt for your financial reputation

Many readers of this blog probably have little interest in taking new debt and might be interested in the "credit freeze" which guards against identity theft by preventing anyone from opening new lines of credit without special permission.

My understanding is that you (or even an identity thief) could use your current credit card as normal but you would have to unlock your credit before getting new cards or opening a mortgage in your name. That sounds fine for people who dislike debt and rarely take new debt or rarely open new credit lines.

Does the credit freeze harm savers?

My question is: Since banks can run soft or hard credit pulls even when you give the bank money, will the credit freeze interfere with opening deposit accounts (savings, money market, CD) to save or invest money?

Do any of you financiers know the answer?

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